If you are having some problem you will surely be finding the solution and if you are in a bigger problem the eager of finding the solution will increase. This is the same thing that happens will all of us. If you think of the emotional problem, it can be left and we can let it happen but if there is problem in our body and causing the really pain, it is not manageable and we have to do something about it. There can be many diseased conditions in the body that are cannot be left as they are. The most important if them are the joint problems. There are numerous joints in our body and we have to keep them working if we have to keep work. There are some conditions in which the body will have the joints not functioning well so you will have to give the support to the body. This is why we use the Orthese savard. There are many categories of the orthotics like the Orthèses, head orthotics and some that are given the name according to the body parts. There are four main functions of the Orthèse plantaire.


1: Limit the mobilization of the joint that is not functioning well because if the joint that is damaged will be over stretched, the joint will be more damaged.

2: There are some cases in which we have to restrict the movement in one direction to avoid further damage so the orthotics is used.

3: For the fracture repair as if the joint will not move fracture will repair really soon.

4: To reduce weight on the particular point by putting the weight on orthotics braces.